We offer classes in eight-week sessions; that’s one class that meets at the same time every week for eight (usually consecutive) weeks. Occasionally we have abbreviated six or seven-week sessions to accommodate holiday schedules. Unless otherwise specified, general Aerials classes will spend most time on silks and be rounded out with skills and conditioning  on a number of different apparatuses. We also offer apparatus-specific classes, and private lessons on any apparatus.

We do periodically offer one-time “Taster Classes” for beginners who are interested in trying aerials out without making an eight-week commitment. We can also arrange Special Event Classes for groups wanting to celebrate a birthday, an engagement or an imminent marriage; for businesses wanting something more daring than trust falls at their corporate retreats; or for anyone who has a group of friends who want to try aerial arts.

Guest artists frequently teach Workshops at AirCraft. These are designed to introduce new ideas and activities to AirCraft’s offerings, or give a fresh perspective to the things we do at AirCraft every day.

Unless designated as “youth” or “teen,” classes at AirCraft are for adults seventeen and older. Check out our Youth & Teen page to see what programs AirCraft is currently offering for students sixteen and younger.


New level descriptions coming soon!