Aircraft Studio 2016-7269

Open Practice

AirCraft has a robust Open Practice program, with over twenty hours (most weeks) during which students can train and practice independently. Currently enrolled students above Level 1 always have access to Open Practice. If you’re not enrolled in classes at AirCraft, Open Practice is by permission only. Experienced aerialists visiting the Boston area should email to learn about the rules and receive a copy of our liability waiver; please include a brief description of your background with aerial arts.

Open Practice spots are limited – there are more apparatuses than there are people – so you can really make the most of the time. $15 for an hour during “prime times” and $15 for 2 hours during the quieter weekday morning/afternoon times.

PLEASE NOTE: Open Practice is for training and refining existing skills, not for attempting new ones. We want to give aerialists a place to practice, but we also want to keep them safe. Open Practice is for adult aerialists with sufficient skill to train independently. Teenagers (16 and older) with exceptional experience and maturity are welcome to participate provided they have the express permission of their parents and instructors.