Who can take classes at AirCraft Aerial Arts?
Just about anyone! But unless designated as “Youth” or “Teen,” most of our classes are for adults, seventeen and older. We have yet to find a reason to establish an upper age limit!

Where should I start?
Most students start by either enrolling in an eight-week Aerial Basics class, or by taking one of our Taster classes, or a private lesson.

Is there a minimum physical fitness requirement?
Aerial and circus arts are a great way to get into shape! We teach skills and techniques, and strength and flexibility follow. However, there are some very basic fitness requirements. If you struggle to do five full-motion sit-ups or push-ups, or are unable to stretch your arms directly above your head, we encourage you to take one of our Conditioning classes before you enroll in Aerial Basics.

How large are your classes?
Aerial classes are usually capped at seven students. Conditioning and “ground” classes are usually capped at eight. If you’re imagining a class where seven students are standing around an apparatus waiting for their turn, think again! If you’re standing around, it will be because your instructor is demonstrating a skill, your muscles need a rest, or you just want to watch the interesting things your classmates are doing!

How many apparatuses do you have?
We have dozens of apparatuses in a variety of types. These include: silks (aerial fabric), static trapeze, lyra (hoop), corde lisse (rope), sling, hammock, cloud swing, and more! Between our two rooms, there are always more than twenty apparatuses hanging at any given time, and frequently the number approaches thirty. It varies from day to day and class to class.

Can I drop in on a class?
We do allow drop-ins, provided the class isn’t full. Classes are very small, and many of them run at capacity. Drop-ins are $25 for first timers, $30 after that. If you would like to drop in on a class, you should always contact us by 1 PM the day of the class. We no longer allow students to drop in on classes in the “beginner” category (1A or 1B) after the first week of the session. New students starting mid-session should try one of our “Taster” classes.

What should I wear to class?
We recommend wearing stretchy pants that go down to your ankles, along with a shirt you can tuck in. We have locker rooms for changing clothes. We ask that students not wear zippers or anything else that might snag the fabrics, including jewelry.

What should I do to prepare for class?
Try not to eat a full meal for two hours before class. Something small like fruit is okay, but having more might make you nauseous once you’re hanging upside down and dipping into your strength reserves. You’ll want to drink some water during class. Bring a bottle, or drink from our water fountain — just tap, but nice and cold.

Are non-students allowed to observe a class?
Occasionally students will bring friends or family with them to the studio. We have a comfortable waiting area where people can sit and read, and we have sofas and benches for people who want to watch. Consider that on busy days the transitions between classes can be quite chaotic, with a dozen people retrieving clothes, another dozen storing them, and friends catching up with each other. We have student recitals twice a year, and that’s usually the best time for non aerialists to get a peek at what their loved ones have been up to!

Where are you located?
We’re at 14 Tyler St in Somerville, Massachusetts. You can get more information here.

Can non students participate in Open Practice?
Yes! But Open Practice is for honing existing skills, not acquiring new ones, so you do need some experience with aerials in order to train independently. You can learn more about Open Practice on this page.

The current session has already started; can I still sign up for a class?
If there’s room in a class, you’re welcome to sign up! Contact us to arrange a prorated fee.

I’ve taken aerial classes elsewhere; what level should I be in?
Our schedule has basic descriptions of the various skill levels, and we rely on students to assess their own skills honestly. But the best way to know for sure is to arrange a private lesson.

Can I recommend a topic or an instructor for a future class or workshop?
We would love it if you did! Visit our contact page and leave us as many suggestions as you can think of!

Who took the photos on your website?
Most of them were taken by AirCraft student Melissa Simoncini. Visit her website!

Please contact us with any other questions you might have!